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Klamath Tribe Seeks Approval for Casino

The Klamath Tribes of Oregon have asked the federal government for the right to build an off-reservation casino in a yet unspecified site south of Wilsonville in rural Aurora, in the Portland Area. The proposed casino shall sit on a 153-acre patch of land.

It seems that a casino may finally be realized after several talks of building one near the area.

A tribe representative has said that the Klamath Tribes of Oregon was prompted to file the formal before the passing of a pending federal legislation that seeks to limit off-reservation gaming.

The Klamaths would have to sign a compact with Oregon's governor before they can develop a casino in their proposed site.

Local leaders have the impression that the application is an attempt to resurrect the idea of a 'mega casino' proposal that was circulated in 2005, the brainchild of Eugene developer Wayne Johnson.

The 'mega casino' plan proposed to put together a 200,000 square foot casino, a hotel and convention center, along with an expanded Langdon Farms Golf Club. Johnson's plan was to create a world-class 'destination resort' that would draw tourists to the area.

Only one tribe has been given the permission to build an off-reservation casino in Oregon before, the Warm Springs Tribe.