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Slot Machine Tips From Our Gambling Experts

Use Club Cards

Club Cards have many benefits. These cards have a lot of incentives; they can get you food, lodging, and shows. Some casinos can even get you cash back. But these cards do not affect the machine. This is just a myth and do not believe it because it is a very expensive mistake.

Read the Pay tables

By just looking at the pay table, this can help you to know the frequency of the machine. Larger hit frequency machines have a lot of combinations but they return smaller wins, while lower hit frequency machines have a few combinations but they return bigger wins.

Always Play Full Coin in Progressive Slot Machines

These machines have large jackpot prizes. The jackpot is made by taking a percentage of money played into the machine. To win the jackpot prize you need to play the maximum coins. If you get the jackpot combination and you are not playing the maximum coins you will not win the jackpot. So do not play these machines if you are not playing full coins.


Candles are the lights on top of the slot machines. The color of the bottom light tells you the denomination of the machine. The candles on nickel machines are red, quarters are yellow, and dollar machines are blue.

Take a profit

If you hit the jackpot it is recommended for you to take a little break. You do not want to give back all your winnings to the casino. So it is best for you to enjoy your win. You could take a small percentage of your winning to play again.

Money Management

Do not bring money that you need to pay for other expenses. You should not be playing in the casino if you cannot afford to lose. Do not risk everything.

Take it slow

Playing fast does not affect slot machines. Do not play more than one machine this just pushes you more to the house edge. You will just lose your money faster instead of increasing your chances of winning.

Do not believe in Slot Systems. There is no way of telling if a machine is due to hit the jackpot. Slot systems that claim these are just scams.


A slot machine cost a lot to play but winning is nice. These machines have the largest house edge compared to other casino games. They make more than 70 percent of the casinos profit. Just play slot machines for entertainment. Do not take it too seriously or you can lose it all. Have fun playing and enjoy that is what the game is all about.